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After the maze, audiences find themselves in a huge, black-and-white, art deco-style, ship’s bar, where a band – who play great, rocky tunes – perform.It’s here you meet The Architects, a group of four, with comedy Scandinavian accents who say they have designed the “trip of a lifetime” on board ship, which is about to embark. Though many filmmakers attempt these interwoven stories, more fail than succeed. Griffth and the silent era, the ensemble film is a staple of Hollywood as well as indie fare.Theatre doesn't allow us to rest on our laurels for long; the life of a play is short (unless you're Andrew Lloyd Webber) and suddenly the curtain comes down for a final time and we have nothing but a programme and some photos to show our friends and family who didn't make it out to see the play and we're out of a job.By its very nature, there is a magical quality to a play on stage – now you see it, now you don't.The multiple plot film is as old as feature movies. The next year Griffith made Intolerance, an interwoven, four-story, three-hour epic about bigotry and prejudice throughout history.Since then, ensemble films have become a staple of filmmakers.

That, perhaps, explains why the published works of Jamaican playwrights, such as Dennis Scott, Basil Dawkins and Trevor Rhone, are given only passing mention in the section called “Profiles and Biodata.” Others, such as Sylvia Wynter, Patrick Brown, Pat Cumper, are mentioned in chapter 7, as “Jamaica’s Younger Playwrights.” In general, references to authors treat them as only one of many collaborators in the performance event, on the same level as producers, directors, technicians, singers, actors musicians, storytellers and designers.

But, from then on, the piece is a case of style over substance.

Set in an old empty warehouse in south-east London, the performance tries to draw on the Greek myth of the minotaur, but instead of fully harnessing this complex, fascinating tale, it merely refers vaguely to its themes while trying hard to be as wacky as possible.

The audience walks through a door into a bare room with light wooden walls.

There’s another door in the wall opposite, which leads to another room, and then another.


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