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I, too, have never married though my mother keeps asking probing questions about whether I’ve ‘met someone’. I can’t help noticing that you listed listening to music twice in your hobbies. From: James Veitch To: Elena Subject: Re: So sorry Date: 24 February Homka is your cat and, frankly, if you can forget about Homka so easily, what’s to stop you forgetting about me? Not only do I want to warm my hands in the back pocket of your jeans but I get the distinct impression you would like to dip your hands into my back pocket, too. We usually start with smaller quantity as trial shipment, I am currently in Ghana. Here is our From: James Veitch To: Solomon Oddonkoh Subject: Re: (no subject) Date: 17 October Solomon, I’m completely with you on this one. Still trying to get on to your website; have you had your IT guys look at it?

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Great care should also be taken in the establishment of adequate communication channels between the River Basin Councils (CC) representatives and those being represented.

Water culture is key for institutional capacity strengthening and communication with the public.

An interesting feature of the Project that could be replicated in other IWRM interventions is the inclusion of the water culture component.

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Most of my hobbies are, reading novels, jogging, listening to music, cooking, listen to music, tv and movies. Regards, Solomon From: James Veitch To: Solomon Oddonkoh Subject: Re: (no subject) Date: 17 October 50kg? There’s no point doing this at all unless we’re shipping at least a metric tonne.


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