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"They didn't want you coming to the wedding." I say to them bluntly."You're right." Monty pipes up after a second, earning a disapproving look from his wife."If you'll excuse me, I need some fresh air." I tell them and leave the table in silence.

I weave my way through the people dancing and out to the hall, leaning on the entrance table.

I greeted the guests as I already knew who they were."You must be Indra, the nanny. "And lastly, Jasper who requested to be put on the singles table." I paused and looked at him, "There was no way you were getting onto that table.""How the hell do you know all this?

So yes, it’s a no-brainer that we want to see where they’ve landed.Articles from August 2004 and before are shown in the Search History Articles section below.After the search history articles is a search engine timeline from 1994 through 1999.Because the few left in the wake of the portal wars are embarking on a new quest to secure their destinies on the search front. Here’s a look at the origins and meanings of the major search engines’ names.A look at how and why the current situation erupted, one that will no doubt gain further attention in the wake of expected public financial releases from Google. Online Before the Internet Search Day, July 7, 2003 Most people think the word ‘online’ means the Internet. 2, 2003 Dogpile, the meta search engine with the goofy name, opened its virtual door just after Christmas in 1996. 18, 2002 Seven years ago, Internet pioneer Digital Equipment Corporation introduced what they claimed was the Internet’s first “super spider” software, promising unprecedented “blazing fast” searches of the web. Search Day, December 3, 2002 Aliweb, a pioneering web search engine that used advanced technologies way ahead of its time, made its debut nine years ago, on November 30, 1993.It's Octavia and Lincoln's Wedding and Clarke's dropped out as maid of honor due to her ex-boyfriend, Bellamy being the best man.


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