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But even in a league full of freak athletes and extraordinarily hard-working gym rats, some guys stand out for their talent and pure skill—and nobody understands that better than NFL players themselves.So when the NFL Network put together its list of Top 100 players for this upcoming season, it polled a bunch of NFL players to figure out who are the truly most respected (and feared) players in the league.They say imitation is the highest form of flattery, but I just think it's bullshit. Usually, you have no idea where in the world he is, and whenever anyone asks you, you respond “He's working on a deal, somewhere.”5.

Carr signed a five-year, 5 million contract this offseason—including million fully guaranteed, million in total guarantees, and a .5 million signing bonus—making him the highest-paid player based on average salary.

Anonymous cards and gifts are left on your doorstep; you have random people calling your cell phone professing their love for you.8.

You have restraining orders out against your stalkers You have finally realized that at least a few of the men who stare at you and somehow appear at certain social functions might not be right in the head so you have taken legal action just to get these creeps out of your life.

Carr threw for 3,937 yards last season, posting 28 touchdowns and only six interceptions.

The NFL MVP ranks 10th on this list after recording career numbers in 2016.


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