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Its universities, filling restaurants, bars and parks with young people, are signs of a lively future.

Pier Alfonso XII Cruise Terminal is low-key, basically an easy-in-easy-out security checkpoint, designed to make transit as convenient as possible for ship passengers.

All it needs are 4M’s - merchants and merchandizes, maritime ships and mariners. Strategically important for a superpower, this island hub achieved a feat linking realms when inter-continental travel was strictly limited by foot and sail.

An entrépot and repository of goods, it hosted a monopoly of fleets where gold, slaves, cultural softwares, and technological transfers crisscrossed each other. The above reads like Venice, christened after ancient Mediterranean’s Carthage officially as Cartagena de Indias - South America’s Venice and appropriately, now like an aging diva yearning to be a debutante once again but still Caribbean’s belle of the ball, pulsating to saucy modern beat behind tales of sea adventures and sunken booties.

Each new wave of distinct leadership carved indelible marks on this port's art, architecture, law, finances and industry.

And yet this city of awesome ancient treasures is one of Spain's lesser-known tourist havens.

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A dash of child-like pirates-and-lost treasures fantasy treat evokes a Disney-safe wholesome family entertainment marina-getaway.The historic section of the city, brimming with amenities, is a five-minute stroll away.Next to the terminal is an attractive and welcoming waterside area, where the Real Club de Regatas de Cartagena (Yacht Club) features an open-to-the-public restaurant with a spectacular harbor view.From there, several other cultures came and left their mark on the land.The port city eventually became part of the Roman Empire, which prized the lands for their silver and sea grasses.This strategic location on the Mediterranean Coast has given Cartagena a long and interesting history.


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    This vast area of conifers, aspens, birches, peat bogs, rivers and natural lakes has been monitored and studied for over 50 years.

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    She joined the Maltese-Australian Gold Coast Association to help out by showing other members of the group how to prepare all kinds of tasty Maltese dishes to bring our tiny island a little closer to Australia.