Dating an ibanez am205

I've played both and both play nicely and sound, to my ears at least, absolutley 0 identical.My questions therefore are:- - are the asking prices "about right" / "reasonable" ?By 1965 Rosenbloom had decided to stop manufacturing guitars and chose to become the exclusive North American distributor for Hoshino Gakki instruments.

Hi all My first post here - this is a really great forum. A very good friend of mine is a bit of a "semi-acoustic guitar collector" and has offered me either of the following guitars:- - Ibanez AM 50 October 1982 [also] AV Finish but without the original Ibanez case for $US760 - Serial J82XXXX [it comes with a generic rectangular hard case - he said if he still had the AM 50 original Ibanez case, the price would have also been $US800 as per the AS 50 with its original case] Both guitars are in very good condition and all original.

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