Updating chassis serial number in bios

Two channels are possible for management: the OOB (Out-Of-Band) channel, i.e.communication through the BMC IPMI interface, and the in-band channel, i.e. By the OOB channel, most management commands (except Check System Utilization) can be executed independently of the OS on the managed system and even before the system OS is installed.

Have Sisoft Sandra if there is any info you think would help.

I don't believe I stated that the utility would change or add the model number, nor did you ask that question originally.

You'll have to contact HP technical support and have an HP tech tattoo the bios with any other info you need.

| | /SU AUTO Generates system UUID automatically and update Type 1.

| | /SK ["String"] Read/Write System SKU number in Type 1.


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