Speed dating events in victoria bc

Are you new to the dating scene or re-entering the world of singles?

There are many different ways to meet people…online dating, through friends or volunteering.

Here’s a chance to ‘date’ 8 doulas and find the one who is right for you!

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I havent been with women very much n I was with the same guy since I was 18.I hate the way my face looks but then, who loves every single thing about themselves? If you know one of those people that is emotionally so mature I AM SO JEALOUS! I would describe myself as a very shy person when talking to new people.:) In my spare time (I have a lot of spare time) I write (poetry, short stories, long stories, screenplays (I have written 7 so far. I'm very easy going once I get used to talking to people. However, I come across as uptight and self-contained when I first start talking to someone.I love to dress up and I love to get muddy in the wilderness. I hope you enjoyed reading my little bio, please feel free to ask any questions or say hello if anything spiked your interest :) Cheers, Mikayla Well, I am a 45 year old woman with grown children and Multiple Sclerosis, a deep curiosity about life, love and sexuality. And I recognize that not everyone can deal with that, and I accept it and can still say that whoever you are, I love you and wish you nothing but the best.I am super creative with art, writing, and crafting. I volunteer for a society that stomps out stigma on mental illness while helping those with mental illness too. My body was also born male, but my mind refused to accept the programming (resulting in some pretty serious confusion, believe me! Coming from the cultural mecca that is Kamloops, it took me many, many years to throw off what wasn't working (I tried REALLY hard to be a guy! 3 If you are still reading, I'm a handicapped woman who doesn't feel the 45 years that her body has been through. (in case you haven't picked up on that already :) I love dogs and cats and most people. :) 3 Oh, I'm also a little bit scatterbrained, but you can blame that on the ADHD (yeah, I have that too.Each person spends six minutes of “get to know you” talk time with a partner.


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