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At its second meeting in early November 1934, the Committee of the Veteran Sports-Car Club resolved that the name of the Club must be changed because it was too easily confused with the Veteran Car Club, who had complained; at the third meeting later that same November the Club formally amended Rule 1 and changed its name to The Vintage Sports-Car Club.

The question of the age of eligible cars is one which proved to be pivotal to the continuing history of the Club.

Next weekend (June 15-16-17) Ada will become a car lover’s paradise – especially for MG sports car fans. Dave Smittle, who is coordinating the event here, provided The Icon with the following information about the weekend. The group will be having lunch at various locations in the downtown business district. ~ The members of the MG Car Club will have an informal car show/display for the local community in the parking lot of The Inn at Ohio Northern University. ~ Members of the community are welcome to come watch the MG Car Club as they participate in their Funkhana, in the parking lot of the Freed Center on the ONU campus.

The Ohio Chapter of the New England MG-T Register car club will bring these specialty vehicles and their owners to Ada. (Guests should park in the eastern half of the Freed Center lot, please.) This fun, low speed event, combines driving dexterity, navigational skill, mental and physical coordination, teamwork, luck, and above all, a sense of humor.

Participants got to enjoy 5 long runs making this a long day, but hopefully a fun day.

Planned by club member, John Olman, founder of we're sure to experience both driver and navigator tasks or games while competing on a tricky driving course, for prizes, of course!Sunday, June 17 The MG's will be packing up to leave town, but, if you want one last chance to see the cars, between -10 the parking lot of The Inn would be a good time to see these vintage sports cars before they head home.Initially it was intended that the five-year-old rule would be on a rolling date basis and that in, say, 1937 a 1932 car would be allowed to compete. At the Annual General Meeting in January 1936 the Captain, Tim Carson proposed that “”.He went on to suggest that unless the membership numbers declined, the limit should be kept at 31 December 1930.Classic British sports cars and sedans dating from the 1930s to present day will be displayed in a wooded setting, with separate areas for each make of car.


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