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The salary of a recent offseason addition to the Ohio State football coaching staff has been announced, and it’s considerably more than the man he replaced earned.Larry Johnson, who was officially named the assistant coach and defensive line coach of the Buckeyes Jan. If you see inappropriate comments, then please report them by clicking the report abuse link aside the comment. AND BOYS NAMES GOTCHA BE TIS MIQUEL , AND OTHER BOY NAME MARQUEIS THUR UR OTHER KIDS OF UR AUNT .. WHY TAKE KIDS TO TRAVEL HUHAND SHE HAD MORE BEFORE THESE KIDS WHEREVER BORN AHA. These women for everybody they only be wanting these NFL niggas for money and come up. I IOWA BOY SO NOT STAE MAN U MAKE HER DO TIS HUH IN HIS HOME THATS DIRTY CRAZY MAN BABY THUR HONEY .. AND MIGHT BE HIS DAUGHTER SAME THING OF WORDING JOHNNIE GOSCH ALWAYS SAYS WAS WOULD TO HIS FAMILIES TIS MIGHT BORN THEM MIDDLE PART OF IOWA IF WINS TO STAY ALIVE IF MISSEN AS CHILD THUR. Please do not post inappropriate comments, this is a friendly forum for fans. U GIRL BELONG TO AUNT HER THIRD CHILD TO HER NAME IS MICHLOE OR MORGANA OR MORLANIE OR MERLINDA . I THINK ITS TRUTH AUNT KIDS NOT PEIRS GRAND BY MADE BY GRAND PEIRS BUT THE OTHER AUNT KIDS SO.. He don't want no auna and prob not the new broad either it's just something for him to do she temporarily. The new lil broad look aight but jay shoulda got somebody from his home town that he already know. U BAD MAN IOWA HAVE FAT GAL SLIM MAM SLADDY RISE SHINE MAM SO .. BUT THEY SURE CHECK ME AS JOANNE KAY ARMSTRONG HERE IF IM DAUGHTER OF AN CHILD MISSEN IN IOWA LIKE YEAR 1982 SOBECAUSE NAME OF JOANN MIGHT BE HIS DAUGHTER NAME AS JOHNNIE GOSCH AN PAPER ROUTE BOY WENT MISSEN HERE IOWA ROUND DES MOINES POLK COUNTY STATE IA.Johnson comes to OSU after 18 years at Penn State, including spending the last 14 seasons overseeing the entire Nittany Lion defensive line.He coached six defensive linemen at Penn State who were first-round NFL Draft selections, most recently Jared Odrick in 2010. UR KIDS BELONG TO FAMILIES OF HER NOT DUMP U KIDS GUYS OFF ON US BABY.. I THINK TIS FAN RIGHT CAM CLEAN SO POINT PROVEN SOLS. Jay go do what he want to do when he want to do it.

The release of Johnson’s salary comes after repeated requests by The Lantern, beginning the day OSU named Johnson to coach Urban Meyer’s staff.

15, is set to earn a base salary of 0,000, OSU athletics spokesman Jerry Emig told The Lantern in an email Thursday.

Johnson’s predecessor, Mike Vrabel — who announced via Twitter he was leaving Columbus for a job with the NFL’s Houston Texans Jan.

You know this is not my first time hearing of Jay giving someone the Clap…..

If I recollect, Nas’s baby momma Carmen Bryant also caught a similar situation while messing with Jay and she actually thought Nas did it….


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