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Included in your email should be the following: To find out if your medication is available in Sweden, use this database created by Sweden’s Medical Products Agency.‘ To refill a prescription in Sweden, you need to first meet with your Swedish doctor.

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It guarantees that the meat is halal - permitted for Muslims to eat.

Use of Bitters tonic was recommended and widely practiced by Maria Treben (known Austrian healer and writer). Urban Samst Hjärn found this in the 18 Century, returned and helped many people with different problems and illnesses.

Maria’s recommendation was heavily based on the experiences of the German and Eastern European healers. The elixir is said to be the creation of Swiss physician, Dr. However, it wasn’t until the 18th century that it was formally labelled Swedish Bitters by Swedish physicians – Dr. The mixture with the different medicinal herbs was already long known in the family of the Swedish health-care professionals, but forgotten. It is believed that the formulation of a similar drug also belongs to the physician Philippus Theophrastus Bombast von Hohenheim Aureolus (short: Paracelsus), who lived in the 16th Century and suffered much of a criticism from pharmacists and doctors, despite his successes in Herbalism, it was considered as an alternative to traditional medicine. Samst died at the age of 104 years in a riding accident.

However, for halal slaughter the bolt does not go through the heart and a Muslim says a prayer.

In both cases, the throat of the animal is then cut.


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